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New York City Halloween Parade 2007.
November 2007

Night Shots

This series shows night scenes of San Francisco, Montreal and Princeton, NJ.
September 2007

Pictures from Princeton

A little try to catch the flair of this little town.
May 2007

Street Portraiture

Photoshop experiments on images of people I photographed on public places.
April 2007


A small, but I think nice series of images showing Chicago and Frankfurt, Germany.
January 2007

Halloween II

The 2nd round of Halloween images from 2006.
November 2006


Halloween images from 2006.
November 2006

Ivy Winston

That's the name of the model I photographed for a fashion catalogue.
Assignment by Donna L'Oren Intimates.
Location: Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.
October 2006


Photoshop experiments with animal portraits.
October 2006

Male Headshots

Spontaneous male headshots taken at public places.
August 2006

Black & White

A collection of B/W images taken during various road trips.
July 2006

New York City

My first tries on skyline work are in this series.
May 2006


This was the first series I posted when I started this website. Most pictures were taken in 2005.
May 2006